Don't come play word games at my house unless you like... losing.

"Don’t come play word games at my house unless you take them very seriously, and really, really like red wine. And losing.

I’m a sucker for Scrabble, but Oneupmanship‘s new game 'One Up!' is a fresh, fun spin that had my hubby and I laughing and stealing each other’s words. There’s no game board, so it’s super portable and great for any occasion from connecting with fam at the end of a manic Monday, to sitting outside and playing it under the stars on vacation.

We love One Up! So much fun."

- Mandy, @politeasfudge

The School of Hard Knocks.

Rock, paper, scissors is for the birds. Whenever two people shout out the same word at the same time in the heat of a wicked/smart game, our "House Rule" is to break the tie with a friendly grapple.

Seriously, Life Lesson #76 is: cheat as necessary.

One Up! not only takes a huge vocabulary, but also an expert command of body English (and elbows, so-to-speak) thrown around at the right time too. This versatile learning tool is all yours for only nineteen ninety-nine.

D'yew want your chillins to go to Princeton?

We almost do. Not. Our best-selling One Up! is a no-brainer favorite because it's devilish fun for quick-witted kids (just ask Christian Schmidt and his Basis Oro Valley classmates), while teaching them a valuable lesson: taking things that don't belong to you, not education, gets you ahead in life.

Seriously, it's a proven fact that our cutthroat word game is the best way to get the zombieenagers off the computer… and into the Ivy League. And it'll make mom and dad happy, and proud too – while saving a boatload of tuition fees in the bargain.

"I don't like word games."

"But I know how to take things." "Wicked/Smart – the designer must be from Boston." "What's wicked smart?" "Not you." "Can we keep it, please?" "Awesome!"

Boated in to Stony Creek Brewery in Branford this afternoon and had a fantastic time showing a table-full of lovely ladies how to One Up! Sat down with the soured double IPA 'Crimsang' and needed to take my tonsils out of my back pocket after the first sip – yikes, and wow – but all in all it was the best day at work ever.

One Up! really is hilarious larceny.

Where our hero Ray learns the absolute joy of stealing with impunity.

"We never leave home without it."

One Up! is the perfect travel companion – never complains, doesn't eat much... and is always game. Ha!

And now you can stick the "1,000,000 worlds and hours of fun" into your pocket, backpack, or purse and you'll never be bored again, wherever your pants are traveling.

The Perfect Cure for Cabin Fever.

Thanks to Real Simple for letting your readers in on a real smart way to spend those long, cold winter nights.

One Up! is a word of art.

We hope you have as much fun playing One Up! as we've had creating it. What started out as a "naive and quixotic" adventure has become, despite our sometimes laughable missteps, a successful and well-respected brand. Yikes!

If you'd like to become a retailer, come aboard! We've found that with our magical POP (FREE with initial order of 24 units or more), One Up! jumps off the shelves and drives traffic and sales – we guarantee your customers will love "playing our game."

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To the mind that is still the whole universe surrenders.

"Wit is Educated Insolence."- Aristotle