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What's ONEUPMANSHIP all about?

It's all about "playing the game" — with guts and heart...

But oneupmanship (lowercase) is also all about living life like you have a pair, and a brain, and how.

Shake your money maker.

Let's do launch.

We had the official debut celebration on Saturday night for all the friends and family who have helped to make this quixotic idea a reality, and to let the world know that ONEUPMANSHIP HAS ARRIVED. A bunch of people stopped by and had a drink, got a picture or two taken, and left with a complimentary first-edition of the "game-changer", as well as the smug satisfaction that they got in on the ground floor of something that is actually going to shift a paradigm. Somewhere. We hope!

Just in the St. Nick of time.

ONEUPMANSHIP has arrived!

The proverbial slow boat from China finally pulled in the driveway this morning (looking more like a rusty tractor-trailer truck with Jersey plates), so it seems like it will be ONEUPMANSHIP for everybody who behaved this year! Or didn't behave, as the case might be. Ha ha! Calling all first-dibbers, pushy A-types, and the hopelessly, constitutionally impatient — here's your golden opportunity to seize the moment and buy ONEUPMANSHIP now. What are you waiting for, Christmas?

A shot of what's inside — capitalist pig*, priceless art and private jet included.

The Black Box.

Tooling along.

We just received the "tooling" sample, which is essentially the first printed prototype, with the gold foil leaf on the box and everything. We decided to partner with Grand Prix International to manufacture the games, and we couldn't be happier. Looks classy and like we actually know what we're doing!

Vroom, vroom.

Getting Kickstarted.

We are finally ready to push the button on the initial manufacturing run, and we thought we'd turn to the Kickstarter community to see whether there are enough closet capitalists out there who want to join us as partners in crime. We set the bar low (our M.O.) and are asking for only $5,000 — so if you haven't gotten on board yet, hurree y'up!

UPDATE — Here's what an old friend replied when I sent him an email about our Kickstarter campaign (click play button):

UPDATE X 2 — Yay! We made our goal, and then some. Thanks so much to everyone who chipped money in, helped us play-test, provided some encouragement, discouragement, criticism/advice/suggestions or especially booze, and wished us good luck — the people have spoken...

Read the rest of our sort-of inspiring story >

Darwinian. Expensive. Smart. Classic.

ONEUPMANSHIP is a beautifully-designed grownup board game that's not only wicked, cutthroat fun, it's also a witty and irreverent lifestyle accessory/wry political statement.

WARNING: It's the perfect game for the right players, but is definitely not for pinkos, pikers, posers or pantywaists. There are other people who probably won't take a shine to it either, like do-gooders, geektards and vegans, but we wanted to stick with the alliterative for now.

The Oneupmanship Blog


Calling all cheapskates.

Nothing is cheapest. Introducing One Up! as a free PDF download...

5 bullet points and you're ready to shoot.

Writing a screenplay is a piece of cake.

Hey, Players, join the party.

Don't you want to learn every trick in the book, hang around with the cool crowd, get the latest updates and treasures from our Miltonic mind, have the most fun/best time? Of course you do. Alpha Males and Females only.

An Old's Cool Handbook.

We also think there are lots of life lessons to be learned from oneupmanship (the attitude), and THE OFFICIAL MAN UP MANUAL is our stab at a smart-alecky guide to the really important stuff, like "How to be the world's worse dad without even trying" and "Three must-read books if you're on death row." Just kidding.

Our guide is filled with practical, old-school know-how, lost arts, recalcitrance and humor, too: we guarantee you'll laugh out loud at our smirky debut monograph — Brain surgery... it's not rocket science.

Are you also a word nerd?

One Up! is the ultimate mind game — it's not only faster and easier than Scrabble, it's also way harder too. Seriously, do you think you have enough intellectual soup in the kitchen, so-to-speak, to whip out the biggest words and win?

Check out the quick, canny, fun you'll have playing The Wicked/Smart Word Game.

Indian Summer comes around again.

Relive the glory days of hell-bent-for-leather: after a 20-year hiatus the original American motorcycle movie re-debuts as a DVD.

Sidebar tidbit.

In our humble opinion, the five most important books ever written on how to live (or not live) a rich life. Read them to your kids at night —

1. Adam Smith - The Wealth of Nations

2. Adam Smith - The Money Game

3. Robert Heinlein - The Moon is a Harsh Mistress

4. Friedrich Hayek - The Road to Serfdom

5. F. Scott Fitzgerald - The Great Gatsby

6. Michael Lewis - Liar's Poker

Our all-time favorite New Yorker cartoon.

By Mischa Richter. © 1987 The New Yorker.


We learned all about oneupmanship as a teenager in the early '70s from a very old friend named Dr. Victor Popeo. He was, and is, a wry, self-deprecating and fine man, and knew every cool trick in the book. Our hat's off to you, Dr. Popeo.

Eric Berne's bestselling Games People Play was a huge best-seller when we read it in college, and it made a lasting impression on us. (The book, not college.) Even though Berne readily credits Stephen Potter's Gamesmanship as a precursor, we weren't familiar with his work until recently.

*Pluralis maiestatis throughout.